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Enforcer Super Commando Dart Blaster

  • 1 Enforcer motorized belt blaster
  • Full-auto rapid-firing
  • 2 40-round ammo belts
  • 3 drums that feed the belt into the blaster
  • 3 foam targets
  • 80 waffle tip darts
  • Darts fly up to 80 feet


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The Dart Zone Enforcer Super Commando set brings new excitement to the blaster world! Designed as a fully automatic battery-powered blaster, this unique toy features an ammo belt feeder, a breech cover, and a power-grip handle to keep steady during rapid fire. With an impressive 80-foot launch distance, The Enforcer can launch 40 darts in under 30 second. Ideal for a dart blaster game amongst friends or to practice your shot on your own with the 3 foam targets included. This versatile foam dart blaster includes 80 waffle tip darts that provide pinpoint accuracy and fly up to 80 feet. Darts are fully compatible with all Dart Zone brand blasters and the universal design makes them compatible with most standard blasters from other leading brands. Gentle enough for kids aged 8 and up, The Enforcer Super Commando set by Dart Zone is suitable for play in a variety of settings from the park to a large recreation room, and is sure to be a hit with your active children! Enforcer Super Commando set available exclusively at . Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).


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