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Dart Zone MK-3

Pro Series Blaster

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  • Quickly change between semi-auto and full-auto mode with the press of a button.
  • The digital scope provides quality foam dart firing precision.
  • Unrivaled speed and performance with firing power up to 150 FPS
  • Comes with highly accurate Dart Zone Pro 2.0 Pro Darts
  • Compatible with both standard-length and half-length darts
  • The magazines are compatible with most Dart Zone Pro blasters. (MK-1 and MK-1.1. magazines are not compatible with the MK-3 Pro Blaster.)
  • Recommended for ages 14+
  • Requires 8 AA batteries (batteries not included)




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Pro Series MK-3 Foam Dart Blaster

Get the upper hand in any dart competition with the next generation of the MK Pro Series. Dart Zone has taken the game to the next level by making this motorized foam dart blaster even more powerful, while still being easy to use. With firing rates up to 150 feet per second and unbeatable accuracy, teens and adults can dominate the battlefield for hours of fun.

The Dart Zone MK-3 Pro Series Motorized Blaster adapts to the needs of your tactical attack. With the simple press of a button, you can instantly switch between semi-automatic and full-automatic fire. Once you’ve started the flywheel motor using the rev-trigger, you’ll be firing Dart Zone Pro 2.0 Pro Darts, the farthest flying, most accurate darts we’ve ever produced. We include 15 standard-length and 15 half-length Pro Darts and a magazine for each, which are compatible with most Pro Blasters. This set also includes an extendable shoulder stock, a digital scope and protective eyeglasses. You’ll also need eight AA batteries, which are sold separately, to power your MK-3.

Order an MK-3 from Target or Amazon Canada for a truly legendary dart blaster experience. It is compatible with all Dart Zone Pro standard-length and half-length darts, so pick up a Pro Dart refill pack to prepare for big competitions. Spare magazines and other accessories are available, so your child will have the right gear to dominate the game. Dart Zone offers #1 Darts. Period. Order yours to see why we’ve been the leader in fun since 1990.

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  1. eatinfreedinosaurs

    very epic

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