Dart Zone Max Solo Testimonials

February 21, 2024

We recently introduced the Dart Zone Max® Solo Pro into the Dart Zone® blaster arsenal, and it has quickly become a hit. What sets the Solo apart is that it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but it’s no novelty blaster: The Solo offers pro-level performance, sending darts flying up to 120 feet at 120 feet per second. Its innovative design features quick-fold action that allows you to flip it open, take aim and enjoy its incredible single-shot precision.

Launched initially at Walmart but now available on Dartzoneblasters.com, this pint-sized powerhouse is a must-have for everyone from newcomers to seasoned pros – but don’t just take our word for it. The blaster world has been a buzz with reviews of the Dart Zone Max Solo Pro. Some of your favorite dart blaster aficionados on YouTube may even be among those who have shared their thoughts.

We’ve brought together some of these assessments so you can see for yourself what real players think. Keep reading to learn what these Dart Zone Max Solo Pro reviews have to say.

What Are People Saying About the Solo?

  • In his review of the Solo, YouTuber WalcomS7 describes it as “the newest blaster from Dart Zone and probably the best one they’ve ever made.” He calls out this mini dart blaster’s power, noting that it “hit[s] a lot harder than it looks.” He also praises its unique design, which includes a Picatinny rail on its pivoting barrel. WalcomS7 tests out the half-dart blaster’s FPS ratings using a chronograph, concluding that the Solo “definitely has some punch behind it.” He even calls the Solo “about as perfect as a blaster can get” with a design that “leaves you wanting for nothing more.”
  • GimsMods also reviewed the pro-level Solo blaster, referring to it as “probably the most compact powerful blaster I’ve ever seen.” Watch as he unboxes the Solo (and its 10 included Bamboo 2X Pro Darts) and walks viewers through its illustrated instructions. He then performs some chronograph testing of his own – and the results leave him saying, “I’m loving this thing.” Spoiler alert: He “highly recommend(s)” that viewers get one for themselves.
  • In King of Games’ review of the Solo, he discusses the features of this mini-blaster – including the safety, the “very sturdy” foldable T-pull handle and the faux-carbon-fiber texture – and notes that “little details like this … cumulatively add up to make this blaster a winner, in my opinion.” He shares his FPS and accuracy results too, and concludes that, “There’s pretty much no other blaster that costs this little that, out of the box, gets this performance: 120 FPS.”
  • The review from RyFi Channel includes praise for the Solo’s foldable design, while also calling it “solidly built” and worthy of its categorization as a pro-level blaster. He then provides a few constructive criticisms regarding aspects of Solo’s design, and we’re here for that too; at Dart Zone, we’re always looking to improve! However, the review is a net positive, with the blaster getting top marks for being “a great, single-fire, compact blaster that offers some great performance and is just fun to use.”
  • Finally, BotsNBlasters’ review of the Solo is titled “Perfection in your Pocket,” so you may not be surprised to learn that he’s a fan of this blaster. He notes that, despite its petite size, the Solo can be comfortably gripped even by larger hands. He uses his target and action camera to demonstrate its performance with the included Bamboo 2X darts, as well as with a variety of other dart types. He concludes that the Solo should be considered an “instabuy,” adding that “there is no excuse for you not to get one.”

What’s the Verdict on This Pocket-Sized Dart Blaster?

At Dart Zone, we’re grateful for all the feedback we’ve gotten about the Solo, and excited to know that so many players are loving its design. Thanks to everyone who’s shared a video, blog post or comment about the Solo.

While it’s great to have input from other folks in the dart blaster community, the only person who can decide what you think of a particular blaster is you. If you haven’t tried the Solo yet, check it out for yourself and see how you feel about this single-shot dart blaster that’s making a stir.