Dart Zone Blasters Holiday Gift Guide

December 12, 2023

Whether you know someone who’s already seriously into dart blasting or someone who wants to get started with their first blaster, Dart Zone® can help. We offer a wide range of blasters to fit different tastes, skill levels, and age ranges. But which one should you choose?

This guide breaks down some of our top dart blasters of 2023. Anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these, so keep reading to learn more about each one. Whether you’re shopping for kids, teens, adults, or all three, you’re sure to find the right blaster for them on this list

Dart Blaster Gift Ideas They’ll Love

Dart Zone Max® Omnia Pro (Suggested Ages: 14 and Up)

Looking for a pro-level blaster for some serious dart play? Check out the Omnia Pro. This versatile blaster allows you to choose from three blasting modes and seamlessly switch between them; go from single blast to burst to full auto mode and back again. Gifting this Dart Zone Max blaster is like gifting three dart blasters in one. It also comes with 30 half-length Ruby darts, Max Eyewear Gear, a rechargeable battery pack, and more, making it a great value.

Dart Zone Max® Solo Pro (Suggested Ages: 14 and Up)

For single-shot precision, check out the Solo Pro. This unique Dart Zone Max blaster offers incredible speed and a quick-fold option. It can fit in your pocket, yet it can blast half-length darts up to 120 feet at 120 feet per second. The fact that it’s so easy to handle makes it great for newbies as well as seasoned pros looking for something sleek but powerful.

Adventure Force™ Jurassic World Dominion: Pyroraptor (Suggested Ages: 8 and Up)

For kids – and adults! – who are fans of Jurassic World, check out this Jurassic World dart blaster. It features awesome metallic accents, vibrant colors, and some very cool Pyroraptor-inspired detailing. Best of all, it doesn’t sacrifice style for awesome gameplay, sending darts soaring.


Dart Zone Thunderbolt Ultimate Dart Blaster (Suggested Ages: 8 and Up)

The Thunderbolt is a dart blaster that’s as cool as its name. This motorized blaster has adjustable and removable features, including sights and a stock, so it can be customized. Its cartridge is easy to release and refill, and it comes with 15 of our popular Chili Darts. With its motorized power and rev trigger, this simple-to-use foam blaster is also powerful, fast, and accurate.


Dart Zone Pro® MK-4 Spring-Powered Red Dart Blaster (Suggested Ages: 14 and Up)

This pro-level blaster is simple to use yet full of sophisticated features. Built for action and flexibility, players can blast darts up to 200 feet per second. With flip-up sights and a scar barrel with inner rifling, it also gets high marks for accuracy. For a blaster that lets players achieve high impact and far distance while also making it easier to hit the target, the MK-4 is ideal.


Dart Zone Max® Outlaw (Suggested Ages: 14 and Up)

The Outlaw is compact yet offers lots of firepower – it can blast half-length darts up to 125 feet at 125 feet per second. It features integrated tactical sights, a hammer-action loading mechanism and has auto-advanced half-length dart cylinders. Since safety is the name of the game, it has a safety lock for when it’s not in use and comes with Max Eyewear Gear to help protect players’ eyes. It also comes complete with 12 Ruby darts.



Adventure Force Stranger Things Demogorgon Blaster (Suggested Ages: 8 and Up)

This blaster is a must for Stranger Things fans. The spring-powered dart blaster lets players brave the Upside-Down with its Demogorgon “mouth.” It not only looks awesome, but it also has a three-dart barrel that shoots the included Adventure Force Darts up to 80 feet in a second. This Stranger Things dart blaster even comes with Demogorgon cutouts to make target practice extra fun.


Stuff Their Stockings with Darts and Accessories

At Dart Zone, we also carry plenty of dart blaster accessories to go with our blasters. Help keep your loved ones protected while they play with safety masks and glasses. You’ll also find cartridge packs, magazines and holsters here. You’ll even find Dart Zone merch like T-shirts, hats and more so foam dart enthusiasts can show off their passion for the game.

Of course, among our accessories, you’ll also find our world-famous half-length and full-length darts. Stock up and gift them along with your blaster of choice; each blaster page tells you which types of darts the blaster is compatible with, so you never have to guess. At Dart Zone, we’re your one-stop shop for the best dart blaster gifts you’ll find anywhere this holiday season.