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Savage Spin Triple-Drum Motorized Blaster

  • 1 Dart Zone Savage Spin Motorized Triple Drum Dart Blaster
  • (2) 45-round triple-drum rotating cartridges
  • 90 Universal Super Darts
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (batteries not included)
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Savage Spin Triple-Drum Motorized Blaster

Kids ages 8 and up can enjoy triple the fun when they’re armed with a Savage Spin Dart Blaster. This triple-drum motorized blaster features an advanced design that shoot darts both far and accurately. With all the moving parts, it’s fun to fire this dart blaster, even in the rare instances when you miss a target. Order yours exclusively from Amazon for safe and unique outdoor play at a great price.

The Savage Spin offers competition-level play for serious dart enthusiasts. Each motorized dart blaster comes with a pair of auto-advancing, triple-drum rotating cartridges – one that feeds into the blaster and two for easy reloading in the heat of battle. To operate the blaster, press and hold the rev-trigger to power the flywheels, then pull the primary trigger back. A Savage Spin can launch the included Universal Super Darts up to 90 feet. These green waffle tip darts are designed for ultimate accuracy and will work with any Dart Zone standard blaster, as well as most other blasters.

With the 90 included Universal Super Darts, children can fire away on the playground or while practicing in the backyard. A tactical telescoping stock extends up to two feet for a precision long-distance shot. Add six AA batteries (not included) to power your Savage Spin Blaster. Dart Zone is #1 in darts because of our dedication to innovative, original action toys. Contact us to learn more.

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