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Dart Zone Max 100 Standard-Length Pro “Ruby” Dart Refill

  • Complete set includes 100 Dart Zone Max Standard-Length Pro Darts. 
  • Unique pro dart design provides maximum firing precision, distance, and speed.
  • Darts fly up to 125 feet!
  • Compatible with most Pro dart blaster magazines. 
  • Pair with the Dart Zone Max Stryker Ulitmate Dart Blaster for an epic foam battle experience.
  • Recommended for ages 14+.


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Dart Zone makes the #1 foam darts on the market, and with the Dart Zone Max Accurate 100 Standard-Length Pro Dart Refill, you will always be battle-ready. The Max Accurate Pro foam darts are strategically designed with increased stability to deliver supreme speed, precision, and distance every time you fire. This max performance pro dart can fly up to 125 feet and is compatible with the Dart Zone Max Stryker, Dart Zone Pro Series MK-1.1, and the new Dart Zone Pro Series MK-3! Take home the new Dart Zone Max Accurate Standard-Length Pro Darts today and prepare for the ultimate foam dart battle experience. 

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