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BlitzFire X2

2-Pack Quickshot Dart Blasters

  • Blitzfire X2 Quickshot Dart Blasters 2-pack includes 12 new diamond tip darts.
  • Each Blaster Features a 6 Round Auto-Advance Rotating Cylinder, so you can stay two steps ahead.
  • Keep the game moving with two Quickshot blasters, so you’re never slowed down on the field!
  • Dart Zone continues making the #1 Darts in the game — the new diamond tip darts shoot up to 80 feet!
  • Get the best performance at the best value with Dart Zone®.
  • Dart Zone darts work with Dart Zone® blasters and most other standard dart blasters.

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The Dart Zone® BlitzFire X2 Quickshot Dart Blasters are double-packed with action! Snag two quick-load dart blasters in one package, so you can stay two steps ahead of the competition. Each blaster features an auto-advance rotating cylinder for rapid-fire blasting, delivering high-powered performance at a great value. The set includes 2 Blitzfire X2 Blasters and 12 new red diamond tip darts. Keep your rivals on their toes in the heat of any dart battle with 6-round, auto-advance rotating cylinders and darts that fly up to 80 feet! The Blitzfire X2 comes with high-accuracy diamond tip foam darts, which are compatible with the entire Dart Zone Blaster lineup and most standard blasters. Get the Dart Zone® Blitzfire X2 Quickshot Blaster 2-Pack and stay on top of the Dart Blaster game. Recommended for ages 8+. Available Exclusively at Target and

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