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Pro Dart Bulk Pack (2,880 dart refills)


  • Purchase in Bulk – Save 30% OFF Standard Retail Price
  • Total Dart Count – 2880 Darts (Less than $0.09 per Dart)
  • 1,440 Standard Length Pro Darts
  • 1,440 Half-Length Pro Darts
  • Designed for Dart Zone Pro MK-1 & MK-1.1 Blasters
  • Darts fly up to 150 feet
  • Age 14+
  • Free Shipping

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Stock up and Save with the Dart Zone® Pro Series Full Case Dart Refill. Full Case includes 2,880 Pro Darts with 1,440 Standard Length Darts and 1,440 Half-Length Darts. Darts are individually packaged in 12 individual packages that include 120 Standard Length and 120 Half-Length Darts each. Pro Performance Darts are designed with increased stability for better, straighter flight. Pro Series Darts designed for the Dart Zone® Pro Series MK-1 & MK-1.1 Blasters.

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