The Dart Zone Pro MK-3

June 6, 2021


Dart Zone fans: clear a space in your blaster collection, because the Dart Zone Pro MK-3 has finally arrived.

Since we released the Dart Zone Pro MK-1 two years ago, the blaster has earned massive support from our fanbase. The manually-primed dart blaster changed the game when it came to accuracy and power. Because of your incredible loyalty and feedback, we’ve been able to continue innovating, adding a slew of impressive blasters to our roster. 

We followed up the MK-1 with the special edition Dart Zone Pro MK-1.1Next, we delivered the Adventure Force Nexus Pro – a pump-action, magazine-fed blaster with impressive efficiency and high accuracy. After that, we proudly brought you the powerhouse pistol that is the Dart Zone Pro MK-2, which included two iron sights and speed loaders. 

And of course, last month we announced the release of the Dart Zone Max Stryker – a custom design featuring new Dart Zone Max Accurate Pro Darts. 


All these blasters have brought us here — we’re excited to announce the release of the Dart Zone Pro MK-3, hitting shelves this Fall.  Furthermore, when you ask, we listen. The Dart Zone Pro MK-3 will be the first pro flywheel blaster added to our pro line. Featuring Dart Zone’s patented accuracy and power, the MK-3 will premiere July 15th, 2021 before being available to purchase by November 2021. We’ll share more information over the coming weeks! 

The stronger our support, the more we’re able to deliver on fan requests and recommendations, creating better products and innovating for the future of dart blasters. Because of this, Dart Zone supporters in both the US and Canada will now be able to purchase the Dart Zone Pro MK-3 at the same time. We’re also working diligently to get our Dart Zone products available in additional countries and territories. 

At Dart Zone, we’re always working to make the best blasters on the market, and we’re honored to have you as champions of the Dart Zone name.

Be on the lookout for more information about our upcoming Dart Zone Pro National Tournament in the coming weeks!