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Dart Zone
Dart Zone Max

Dictator Cartridge Connector 5-Pack



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Draw out your foam blasting lifespan with an innovative stick cartridge extender. Get additional clip connectors to double the onboard darts for double the in-field power.


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  • Features

    5 cartridge connectors

    Seamless connection

    Extended gameplay

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  • Brand

    Dart Zone Max

  • What's in the Box

    • (5) Max Dictator Cartridge Connectors
  • Description

    The Dart Zone Max Dictator packs flawless performance right out of the box. The only way to improve it? Back-ups of the best. Bulk up your build-out with the Dart Zone Max Dictator Magazine Connector 5-Pack. The Max Dictator features an innovative stick cartridge extender to double the blaster’s onboard capacity — two cartridges connect seamlessly with an ammo clip connector in the middle. With this ultimate 5-pack of connectors, players can easily connect an additional ten cartridges for endless hours of gameplay. When you’ve emptied one, the next in line is prepped and ready to go. Stay prepared to fling Dart Zone Max “Ruby” Darts up to 125 feet. Recommended for ages 14 and up. Dart blaster, darts, and cartridges are sold separately. Look for the 5-pack of Dart Zone Max Dictator 12-Round Half-Length Cartridges (sold separately) to complete your battle-ready backup set.

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