The Dart Zone Diamond Dart

October 29, 2021


Dart Zone is well established as the top name in the dart business, and that’s why our fans come to us for the fastest, highest-quality darts in the game. 

At Dart Zone, we refuse to rest on our laurels, we continue to evolve, innovate, and deliver the best darts in the game. 

For this reason, we were excited and proud to see  our community go wild for the new Red Diamond Dart (or the “Chili Dart” as some of our fans have come to call it) — an innovation we affectionately think of as “a new spin on an old classic.” After all, what better moniker for the timeless elegance of a dart that flies up to 90 FPS and features a classic bright red design?

And now, to keep our lineup sharp, we’ve updated two of our favorite dart blasters to feature the Red Diamond Dart! 


The Dart Zone Magnum X2 Superdrum Dart Blaster and the Dart Zone Blitzfire X2 Combo 2-Pack are both getting a slight renovation. While they used to come packed with the power and precision of our Waffle Tip Darts, they’ll instead include the Red Diamond Darts for a touch of dazzle. 

Likewise, the Red Diamond Dart is compatible with the whole Dart Zone Blaster lineup, so we’re offering a Dart Zone 200ct Dart Refill Box! Grab yours at and load up your whole Dart Zone Blaster collection, so you can hit the battlefield with flare.

The Dart Zone Magnum X2 Superdrum Dart Blaster features a 40-round rotating Superdrum, keeping you two steps ahead of your opponents on the field. Offering both slam-fire and trigger-fire, the Magnum X2 is versatile and dynamic. The Dart Zone Blitzfire X2 Combo 2-Pack brings twice the action with twice the blaster. These quick-load dart blasters feature an auto-advance rotating cylinder for rapid-fire blasting. 

Blast away with the same precision and power you’re used to, with a little added style from the crimson red touch of the Red Diamond Dart.  

The Diamond Dart – a new generation of dart for a new generation of Dart Zone. #1 Darts. Period.