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Dart Zone® Pro MK 1.1

Pro Series Blaster

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The Dart Zone® Pro MK-1.1 Special Edition dart blaster delivers Pro Power and Pro Performance right out of the box. The Dart Zone MK-1.1 edition was designed and produced to meet elite players’ expectations with everything you need to fit your own game.

  • Adjustable Shoulder Stock
  • Rear and Front Sight for Tactical Picatinny Rail
  • Standard Dart & Half-Length Dart Magazine
  • 15 Dart Zone® Pro Standard Darts & 15 Half-Length Darts
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Dart Zone Pro

1 review for Dart Zone® Pro MK 1.1

  1. Leo Zhong

    This gun is great!! and also has lots of range.

    parents beware 5.8/5.0
    ^ very good

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