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FREE 3D Files: Pro-Series MK-2 Left-Handed Holster


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Enjoy the full tactical advantage of the Pro Series MK-2 with a free download for a left-handed holster.


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    Dart Zone Pro

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    Dart Zone® is giving back to the Pro dart blaster community with a free downloadable holster design! With the 3D-printed holster, left-handed Dart Zone fans can enjoy the full advantages of the speed holster on the battlefield. The MK-2 is a powerhouse dart blaster, loaded with a tactical blaster holster for quick-draw action and able to shoot up to 120 feet. Now, left-handed users can take advantage of the speed of the MK-2 with a holster designed for them! This downloadable design comes in either .STL or .STEP file format and can be printed using an SLA or FDM 3D printer. 

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