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Dart Zone Pro MK 3

MSRP $129.99

Level-Up Like Never Before

We’re changing the game once again. Introducing the Dart Zone MK-3 Pro Series Blaster, our first motorized, pro-flywheel blaster featuring unrivaled performance in both semi-auto and full-auto fire with up to 150 FPS! Seamlessly alter your attack during battle by moving between modes with a simple switch. Use the rev-trigger to start the motors and fire our new high-performing Dart Zone Pro® 2.0 Pro Darts. This one-of-a-kind blaster features an extendable shoulder stock and a digital scope to give you first-rate firing precision. Take home the Dart Zone MK-3 Pro Series Blaster today and prepare for an epic foam blaster battle experience.

MK-3 Top Features

  • Customize your battle experience with two modes of fire: semi-auto and full-auto.
  • Quickly change between modes with the simple switch located just above the trigger.
  • Unrivaled speed and performance with firing power up to 150 FPS.
  • Rev-trigger feature allows you to ignite the motors without pressing a button.
  • Digital scope provides quality foam dart firing precision.
  • Comes with highly accurate Dart Zone Pro® 2.0 Pro Darts.
  • Extendable shoulder stock.
  • Compatible with both standard-length and half-length darts.
  • MK-3 Pro Magazines are compatible with Most Dart Zone Pro Blasters including: Dart Zone Max Stryker, Adventure Force Nexus Pro, Adventure Force Aeon Pro, and Adventure Force Conquest Pro.
  • MK-1 and MK-1.1. magazines are not compatible with the MK-3 Pro Blaster.
  • Recommended for ages 14+.
  • Requires 8 AA batteries (Batteries sold separately).



When you’re on the field in the heat of competition seconds matter. Easily switch between semi-auto and full-auto mode with the quick flick of a switch.



You’ve got your eye on a target across the field and you’re ready to take aim. Zero-in on your target with the new pro series digital scope.



With the MK-3 Pro series flywheel motor, gain Pro advantage on the field with speeds up to 150 FPS and start flinging foam like the pros do.

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