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Dart Zone
Adventure Force

Cornerfire Motorized Cornershot Dart Blaster

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Blasts at
Blasts up to
Has a
Feet per second
Dart capacity
Blasts at 80 feet per second
Blasts up to 80 feet
Has a 10 dart capacity
Includes 10 darts
Under cover and out of sight - the ultimate in stealth dart blasting.

What's Included


  • Aeon Pro Ultimate Dart Blaster
  • Aeon Pro X
  • Apex Auto-Rotating Ball Blaster 2-Pack
  • Blitzfire X2 2 Pack Dart Blaster
  • Dartstorm® Motorized Belt Blaster
  • Deuce Pro 2-In-1 Cylinder-Fed Dart Blaster
  • Dictator Dual Flip-Magazine Dart Blaster
  • Dinoblitz Auto-Advance Quickshot Blaster
  • Jurassic Pro Ultimate Tranquilizer Blaster
  • Jurassic World Dominion: Blue Blaster
  • Jurassic World Dominion: Pyroraptor
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  • Liberator Spring-Powered Pump Action Ball Blaster
  • Magnum X2 Superdrum Blaster
  • Matrixfire Motorized Foam Dart Hopper Blaster
  • MK-1.2 Spring-Powered Dart Blaster
  • MK-2 Dart Blaster
  • MK-2 Orange Limited Edition
  • MK-2.1 Dart Blaster
  • MK-3 Dart Blaster
  • MK-4 Limited Edition Blue Dart Blaster
  • MK-4 Spring-Powered Red Dart Blaster
  • Monolith Automatic Ball Blaster
  • Nexus Pro Ultimate Dart Blaster
  • Nexus Pro X
  • Omnia Pro
  • Outlaw
  • Powerbolt
  • Ranger Spring-Action Ball Blaster
  • Savage Spin Triple-Drum Motorized Blaster
  • Scorpion Rotating Barrel Auto Gatling Dart Blaster
  • Solo Pro
  • Spectrum Motorized Clip-Fed Blaster Value Set
  • Stranger Things Demogorgon
  • Stranger Things Steve’s Babysitter Dart Blaster Bat
  • Stryker Ultimate Dart Blaster
  • Super Commando Gatling Blaster
  • Thunderbolt
  • Titan Belt-Fed Dart Blaster
  • Tomcat Superdrum Dart Blaster
  • V-Twin Motorized Gatling Belt Dart Blaster
  • Villainator Submachine Pump Action Superdrum Dart Blaster
  • Vulcanator Motorized Dual Magazine Blaster
  • Suggested Age


  • Features

    90-degree blasting

    Mirrored scope sights for visibility

    2 10-round removable cylinders

  • Performance

    FPS: 80

    Blasts up to: 80 Feet

  • Number of Darts Included


  • Dart Capacity


  • Product Type


  • Color

    Green, Grey, Orange

  • Brand

    Adventure Force

  • What's in the Box

    • 1 Dart Zone® Cornerfire Motorized Cornershot Dart Blaster.

    • 2 Removable 10-Round Cylinders.

    • 1 Mirrored Scope.

    • 10 Dart Zone® Darts.
  • Description

    It’s time to change things up with the next generation of dart blasters! The Dart Zone® Cornerfire Motorized Cornershot Dart Blaster features Dart Zone®’s patented Cornershot mechanism that allows you to shoot around corners with precise accuracy. This semi-automatic motorized blaster shoots darts up to 80 feet with rapid-fire action – even around corners! The Cornerfire will always have you covered in battle with its mirrored scope sights and a tactical grip handle that allows you to rotate, aim and shoot your targets no matter your battlefield position. The Cornerfire comes with two 10-round removable cylinders that fire our signature high-performance waffle tip darts. 

    Darts are compatible with all Dart Zone® Blasters and most standard blasters from leading brands. Requires 6 AA Batteries (Batteries sold separately).

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Rapid Fire


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High Impact


Quality Performance


Far Distance


Accurate Aim


Close Range


Doesn't Hurt


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