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Villainator Submachine Dart Blaster

Pump Action SuperDrum

(6 customer reviews)

  • 1 Adventure Force Villianator Submachine Dart Blaster
  • Pump-Action Blaster with auto-advanced drum
  • High Capacity Super Drum holds 40 Darts
  • 40 waffle tip darts included
  • Darts Fly up to 80 Feet
  • Tactical stock
  • Darts compatible with all Adventure Force Blasters & most standard Blasters from leading brands
  • Ages 8+


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Give your adventurous child a toy they’re sure to love with this brand new Villianator Submachine Dart Blaster! Designed with auto-advanced rotating drums, this unique pump-action blaster holds 40 darts and fires up to 80 feet. The Villianator combines speed, distance and the convenience of a tactical stock that stabilizes rapid-fire blasting keeping your game sharp! Ideal for a dart blaster game amongst friends, or to practice your shot on your own, this high capacity foam dart blaster includes 40 foam darts that are compatible with all Adventure Force Blasters and most standard blasters from leading brands. The upgraded Waffle Tip Darts are designed for increased accuracy. Gentle enough for kids aged 8 and up, the Villianator Submachine Dart Blaster from Adventure Force is suitable for play in a variety of outdoor settings from the park to the beach and is sure to be a hit with your active children! The Adventure Force Villainator measures 8” H x 25.4” W x 6.1” D and is available only at Wal-Mart and

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6 reviews for Villainator Submachine Dart Blaster

  1. Garret

    This blaster is amazing! 40 darts in a very small cylinder, slam fire, and I had no jams with it! These darts are also extremely straight firing and cheap. I thrashed the slam fire and didn’t even have a single hiccup with the blaster! All for $20!

  2. Will

    This blaster has made me a feared opponent in my younger brother’s quarantine nerf wars. Not only is this thing reliable, sturdy, accurate (especially with the included darts), hard hitting, effective at long ranges and capable of slam-firing a literal storm of darts, it was TWENTY. DOLLARS. This villainous blaster was worth more than $20 of fun the first time I used it, and it looks like it’ll last for years to come.

    10/10, will definitely buy again, but I’d love a chance to buy more drums separately, like for the Magnum Superdrum, for the sake of prolonging my reign of dart flinging terror, or perhaps participating in competitive blaster events.

  3. Jacob

    For only $20, this blaster is AN ABSOLUTE STEAL!!! WAYYY better than any Nerf gun I’ve ever used, and for half the price, too. The build quality is very good and durable, also. 10/10 blaster!

  4. Joe Cunningham

    This is such a great blaster design. Of all the green Adventure Force creations by Dart Zone, this one really stands head and shoulders above the pack, It deserves to graduate to a red Pro version that’s even sturdier, higher FPS, rubberized front and rear grips, metal internals and no corners cut to keep the price down. I would be thrilled to pay $100+ for a Dart Zone Pro version Villianator to go with my MK-II.

  5. Gdas

    If you could only run one blaster this is it. 40 rd capacity in a compact form. No magazine means you can top off on the fly. Foregrip ergonomics makes it tough to short stroke. Slamfire support. Decent power. No batteries so you’re always good to go.
    This is the ultimate SHTF blaster at an impossible price.

  6. clyde254

    god tier, this blaster is so good. 40 darts, highly accurate, long rage, with a pretty high fire rate thanks to slamfire, in a compact package, and you can pull the drum off for easier reloads, for a measly sum of 20 dollars. truly the ultimate beginner blaster.

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