Where Did “#1 Darts. Period.” Come From and the All New Bamboo 2X Dart

July 25, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the evolution of Dart Zone® darts, including why we offer a wide range of types? Or maybe you’ve wondered why our tagline is “#1 Darts. Period.” In this video edition of the Blaster Chat podcast, Dart Zone® team members Branon Jaggers and Bryan Sturtevant answer these questions, reveal their favorite darts and more.

Learn how and why the transition from dome darts to waffle darts took place, and hear about the history of the Bamboo 1.0 and the subsequent Bamboo Series of darts – including the latest model, the Bamboo 2X. Branon and Bryan give you the inside scoop on these new Dart Zone Pro® half-length darts, which are being released with our next addition to the Pro-Series line.

Plus, learn why the Dart Zone® community deserves the credit for coming up with the many Dart Zone® dart nicknames – from the Chili dart to the Ruby dart – and why some Dart Zone® darts are the unique green-yellow color known as chartreuse. Finally, you’ll hear why the Bamboo 2X is not likely to be Dart Zone’s® last new dart iteration, and we’ll discuss how the Dart Zone® community can use the new Idea Lab feature on Dart Zone’s® website. The Idea Lab is designed to help our customers share their ideas for new products with the Dart Zone® team.

Enjoy this look at all things darts with the Blaster Chat crew, and check out more Blaster Chat videos, Dart Zone® product demo videos and more on our website or the Dart Zone® YouTube channel.