We Answer Your Questions About Blaster Bash and the Deuce Pro

July 25, 2023

In this video edition of the Blaster Chat podcast, Branon Jaggers and Bryan Sturtevant discuss the first-ever Dart Zone® Blaster Bash. This fun event for the Dart Zone® community will take place at Weidner Field in Colorado Springs on August 11, 2023, and is designed for dart blaster fans of all skill levels. Branon and Bryan give you the details, including where and how to buy Blaster Bash tickets and what to expect from this one-of-a-kind dart war event. Plus, hear about some of the blasters that Dart Zone® will have on the field.

Branon and Bryan also answer fan-submitted questions, including some about Blaster Bash, such as whether you can bring your blaster to the event. (The answer is yes, but check out the video for details!) You’ll also learn whether there are plans to host more Blaster Bash events in other states.

Then, stay tuned as Blaster Chat addresses a frequently asked question about the Deuce Pro blaster. Since some users have experienced an issue with the Deuce Pro’s cylinder skipping, Dart Zone® has a Deuce Pro fix to share. Watch the video to learn about the free spring kits Dart Zone® is offering for anyone having the issue, and contact Dart Zone’s® customer service team for additional information and assistance.

Get all this intel and more of the latest dart blaster news and updates in this video. And to stay in the know, check out the other videos on our website or other Dart Zone® YouTube channel.

  • Pimp My Ride: 0:36
  • Comment Section Update: 1:13
  • Blaster Bash: 3:05
  • Buying a Ticket: 10:03
  • Partnering with Events: 17:32
  • Questions and Answers: 20:09
  • Can You Bring Your Blaster?: 25:41
  • When Are You Coming to Michigan (incl. Deuce Pro discussion): 27:15
  • Contact Us: 33:50