The Next Gen: Dart Zone’s ’22 Target Fall Lineup

August 10, 2022

Summer fun is coming to an end, but Dart Zone Blasters is just getting started. This fall, we’ve got a slate of exciting new blasters hitting shelves with our ’22 Target lineup. We’ve curated three impressive dart blasters that are guaranteed to bring the action into autumn.

Dart Zone Max Dictator Ultimate Dart Blaster

Kicking off our list is the Max Dictator – a blaster built for speedy re-loading. This blaster’s innovative stick cartridge extender doubles its onboard capacity — just fill the 2 included half-length dart cartridges, connect them via the extender, and insert them. When you’ve emptied one, the next in line is prepped and ready to go. Own the field with slam-fire technology by holding down the trigger and pumping continuously. Additionally, the Max Dictator comes with Max Protect eyewear gear for ultimate safety. Use this blaster to fling Dart Zone Max “Ruby” darts up to 125 feet.

Retail: $49.99

Recommended Age: 14+

Dart Zone Max Tomcat Ultimate Dart Blaster

Next up is a blaster that features a two-layer superdrum guaranteed to make waves. With the Max Tomcat, players can dominate the competition with an impressive 50-dart capacity. Half-length Dart Zone Max “Ruby” Darts move into place automatically for speedy blasting, so players never lose time on the field. Much like the Dictator, the Tomcat superset comes with Max Protect eyewear gear for an extra layer of in-game protection. Take the Tomcat to the blaster ring and fling foam darts over 125 feet.

Retail: $69.99

Recommended Age: 14+

Dart Zone Vulcanator Ultimate Dart Blaster

For kids ages 8 and up, we’ve built the Dart Zone Vulcanator. This blaster combines the sleek silhouette of Dart Zone’s Liberator Ball Blaster with the motorized, cartridge-fed blasting action of the Spectrum. Power up the flywheels and send the 24 included Dart Zone “Chili” Darts flying up to 80 feet. And with the Vulcanator’s double-cartridge build, players get twice the dart capacity at once. This blaster’s shoulder stock features a universal attachment, so players have the freedom to change up their game with stocks from any other standard dart blaster brand. Experience rapid-fire dart blasting with a dart blaster unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Retail: $29.99

Recommended Age: 8+

The ’22 Target Lineup from Dart Zone

At Dart Zone Blasters, we bring quality performance and craftsmanship to every product we put on the shelf. So no matter which blaster you choose, you’re always getting the #1 blaster in the game. Dart Zone. #1 darts. Period.