The Limited Edition Nexus Pro

July 28, 2021


This year, Dart Zone is giving the Adventure Force Tactical Strike Nexus Pro the star treatment with a roster of limited edition designs. 

The Nexus Pro is already an Adventure Force blaster line powerhouse. Out of the box, this 32 piece blaster set boasts Dart Zone’s patented speed, power, and accuracy. Its easy-to-use, lightweight design means you can keep the gameplay going without sacrificing time on the field. This blaster is a fan favorite, and at Dart Zone, we knew the polished design of the Nexus Pro could only be improved with a dash of swagger. 

That’s why we’re taking this blaster to new heights with two brand-new limited editions! Now, you can get the same reliable functionality of the Nexus Pro with sleek, striking new skins.  Exclusively at, Dart Zone fans can pick up the Adventure Force Tactical Strike Nexus Pro Midas Touch Edition, as well as the Urban Camo Edition.


The Midas Touch Edition, dubbed our Golden Blaster, features a gold-gilded body, so fans can tote the lightweight design of the Nexus Pro onto the field while glinting in the sun with the glory of King Midas himself. @Foamfromabove took the Midas Touch Edition for a test run, confirming its great performance right out of the box.      

The Urban Camo Edition features a stand-out camo graphic wrap. As @Nerfwarbattles demonstrated for us, this blaster is skinned in neon shades of blue and purple, so fans can up their game with a brand new level of depth and flair.  


Along with exclusive new skins, we’re answering fan calls for Nexus Pro, Aeon Pro, and Conquest Pro magazine refill options. Our limited edition Nexus Pro line-up will also offer an Adventure Force Pro Ammo Clip Refill. This refill pack includes 2 half-length 12-round magazines with 12 half-length Adventure Force Pro Darts. It also includes a half-length magazine adaptor. 

Spice up your Pro Dart blasting with the Midas Touch, Urban Camo, and Pro Ammo Clip Refill! All are available at Walmart and And remember, no one knows darts like Dart Zone.