The All New Special Edition MK-2

September 27, 2021


At Dart Zone, we know the only thing better than a world-class dart blaster is a special edition world-class dart blaster. In fact, we just introduced fans to two Limited Edition Nexus Pros in August. Now, to round out the Summer, we’re rolling out another special edition for the collectors in our fanbase! Introducing the new Special Edition MK-2. 

You saw the first hints of something special coming for the MK-2 at Jared’s Epic Blaster Battle — and we could hardly contain your excitement. When fans saw blaster pro Drac wielding an MK-2 in a fire-orange hue, we heard them calling for the release loud and clear.   

We’re thrilled to officially answer your calls with the Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-2’s new orange treatment! Inspired by the MK-1 Collector’s Edition, the new MK-2 Orange is the latest blaster from Dart Zone to feature this signature color. The MK-2 is joining a league of orange-clad blasters, including the Adventure Force Tactical Strike Nexus Pro, Aeon Pro, and Conquest Pro

Priced at $79.99 MSRP, the MK-2 Orange Special Edition also features Dart Zone’s new Bamboo 2.0 Half-Length Darts. These darts first debuted in the much-anticipated release of the Pro Series MK-3. 

The MK-2 Orange Special Edition comes packed with 2 speed loaders and a holster and will be available exclusively online at Walmart.