New Podcast, New Website and Dart Zone Vault Launch

July 17, 2023

Join us for the new Dart Zone® podcast Blaster Chat, hosted by Dart Zone® team members Branon Jaggers and Bryan Sturtevant and featuring the latest dart blaster news and topics. In this video edition of the premiere episode, get to know Branon and Bryan as they share why they wanted to launch a dart blaster podcast and reveal their favorite Dart Zone® blasters.

Then, learn about exciting new developments at Dart Zone®, including the launch of the Dart Zone® Vault. This free resource provides fans with insider information, exclusive product access and more. Learn about fun new Dart Zone® merch too, including T-shirts featuring some of your favorite Dart Zone® darts, from the Chili to the Ember.

You’ll also get an overview of new website features, including the 3D models feature that gives you interactive, 3D views of Dart Zone’s® blasters and darts, as well as the new Idea Lab feature. The Idea Lab allows you to communicate with the Dart Zone® team so you can share your product ideas with our engineers. Plus, hear how we’re delving into augmented reality to make it even easier for you to “try out” virtual versions of our foam blasters.

Maybe most importantly, you’ll get an idea of the kinds of questions Blaster Chat hopes to address so that members of the Dart Zone® community have all the info they need. Whether you have questions about which darts are compatible with which blasters, or about our latest product launches, Blaster Chat will be the place to find answers. Subscribe to the Blaster Chat podcast, and keep an eye on the Dart Zone website and Dart Zone® YouTube channel for more videos of upcoming podcast episodes.

  • Why Start a Podcast?: 0:23
  • Favorite Blasters: 4:20
  • Dart Zone® Vault: 7:00
  • Dart Zone® Merch: 11:32
  • New Website Features: 13:30
  • Common Questions: 18:57
  • Idea Lab: 21:58