MK-4 – The Next Evolution of the Dart Zone Pro-Series

July 25, 2023

This video edition of the Blaster Chat podcast discusses the new Dart Zone Pro®-Series MK-4 blaster. Dart Zone® team members Branon Jaggers and Bryan Sturtevant provide insight into the history and development of the MK-4, including how it evolved from previous MK iterations, dating back to the MK-1. Learn why the MK-4 is truly the next evolution of the Dart Zone Pro®- Series.

Branon and Bryan go over the features of this spring-powered dart blaster, including its unique extended silhouette and quick-change spring to easily allow for different levels of play. Plus, learn about its awesome accessories, such as the supercharge FBS boost muzzle extension, scar barrel and Bamboo 2X darts it comes with. The team also provides helpful how-tos, from how to reload the MK-4 to how to change the MK-4’s spring, so you can go from 120 FPS to 200 FPS and back again.

Finally, learn about the MK-4 release date and pre-order process, with U.S. and Canadian orders scheduled to ship in August 2023. Plus, you’ll get information about the new Dart Zone® Vault, a free resource that provides insider information and exclusive access to special products – including the Limited-Edition Blue MK-4 Blaster, which is only available to Vault members and will not be restocked once it’s sold out.

Get all this intel and more from Bryan and Branon, and check out the other videos on our website or the Dart Zone® YouTube channel for more about the MK-4 and other innovative Dart Zone® foam blasters and darts.

  • History and Development: 3:56
  • Features: 24:24
  • Bamboo 2X Darts: 35:52
  • Internal Construction: 39:23
  • Reloading: 42:30
  • Changing the Spring: 43:50
  • Release Date and the Dart Zone® Vault: 49:10