Like a Pro: The Dart Zone ’22 Amazon Fall Lineup

August 15, 2022

The best pro-level blasters come from Dart Zone, and we’ve got a fresh new batch hitting Amazon this fall. From Pro-Series blasters to off-the-charts accessories, we’re bringing it all to our ’22 Amazon fall lineup.

Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-1.2 Ultimate Dart Blaster

The MK-1.2 continues the legacy of the Dart Zone ProSeries lineup, with new, unbeatable cross-compatibility. Find maximum precision and tactical finesse. This blaster introduces a unique flip-stock feature for maximum comfort and customization. No need to remove the stock during gameplay, players can simply flip it to the side and create a shorter blaster without pausing the action. The shoulder stock is also compatible with shoulder stocks from leading brands like Nerf. What’s more — players can customize their gameplay with 2 replacement O-rings and included spare spring for an adjusted FPS. 

Retail: $129.99

Recommended Age: 14+

Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-2.1 Ultimate Dart Blaster

The Dart Zone ProSeries MK2.1 is a masterful evolution of the fan-favorite MK2. The MK2.1 brings all the speed and tactical prowess of its predecessor. Now, refill your dart-clip from the bottom – no speed loader needed! Enjoy the same muzzle-brake advantage you’re used to in a heavier, futuristic-inspired silhouette. Additionally, this blaster includes a leg holster for easy access as well as an ultra-efficient belt holster. The Dart Zone MK2.1 is a blaster styled like a cyberspace gadget, built to help players dominate the foam dart blaster field.

Retail: $109.99

Recommended Age: 14+

Dart Zone Pro-Series Eye Protection Gear

Protect your eyes while you defend your team with the Dart Zone Pro Series Eye Protection Mask. This mask fits snugly around the eyes to keep players safe through endless rounds of foam dart flinging. Featuring an adjustable strap, the Pro Series Eye Protection Mask provides customized comfort for players of all sizes. Shield your eyes on the field so you’re free to focus on owning the competition.

Retail: $19.99

Recommended Age: 14+

Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-2.1 Half-Length Dart Cartridge 4-Pack

Now, players can bulk up their pro-level buildout even more with a set of backup half-length dart cartridges. The Dart Zone ProSeries MK2.1 Half-Length Dart Cartridge 4-Pack keeps players from wasting time refilling when they should be getting in on the foam blaster action. Fill each included cartridge with 6 Dart Zone Bamboo 2.0 half-length darts for endless gameplay on the field. And with the MK2.1’s innovative bottom-loading feature, refilling your ProSeries dart blaster has never been faster. Forget the speed-loaders — these cartridges can be inserted straight into the bottom of the blaster handle.

Retail: $16.99

Recommended Age: 14+

Dart Zone Max Protective Eyewear

For maximum performance in the heat of a dart blaster battle, protect your eyes with the Dart Zone Max Protective Eyewear. This eyewear slips over your eyes comfortably and fits snugly for protection you can move with. With bright red Dart Zone Max temples, these protective glasses ensure your opponents know you’re repping the best blasters in the game. The sloped lenses fit securely on most faces without impeding the player’s view. Shield your eyes and focus on your winning strategy. 

Retail: $9.99

Recommended Age: 14+

Dart Zone Spectrum Value Set

The Dart Zone Spectrum is a motorized, clip-fed dart blaster with impressive features — and now, it comes in an ultimate superset. The Dart Zone Spectrum Value Set pairs the strength of the Spectrum with 50 Dart Zone Red Diamond “Chili” Darts for maximum precision, along with five 10-round cartridges for nonstop action. 

Retail: $49.99

Recommended Age: 14+

The ’22 Amazon Fall Lineup from Dart Zone

At Dart Zone Blasters, we bring quality performance and craftsmanship to every product we put on the shelf. So no matter which blaster you choose, you’re always getting the #1 blaster in the game. Dart Zone. #1 darts. Period.