Introducing the Dart Zone Blaster Time Europe Lineup

August 16, 2021


You know Dart Zone as a leader in the U.S. outdoor action toy industry. We’ve rocked the dart blaster world with a lineup of the best blasters on the market – not to mention the number one darts. With that in mind, we were thrilled to announce our partnership with to launch a lineup of Dart Zone blasters in Europe! We’re amped to bring the same power and precision we’ve been providing to the North American market across the Atlantic.

Now, fans may recall we were aiming for a Summer release date. We even teased it a little

However, as we’ve all learned this past year, sometimes the best-laid plans go awry. Many companies are navigating unprecedented delays and reschedules, and that includes Dart Zone. But don’t worry — we haven’t let this get us down. We remain committed to delivering the top-rated quality our fans expect from us. 

We’re also not letting the extra time go to waste. In fact, our team thought on it, and we couldn’t help but feel the lineup needed a little extra spice.

So we revamped our roster, adding the Dart Zone V-Twin, Dart Zone Pro Series MK-2, and the Dart Zone Max 100 Half-Length Pro Dart Refill!

Our fans have helped us build the Dart Zone brand. Now, we can’t wait to share our dart blasters with our European supporters. Fans in Europe can get their hands on the full Dart Zone catalog by December 2021 – and we promise, it’s worth the wait.