Free 3D Download! Pro-Series MK-2 Left-Handed Holster

October 22, 2021


The Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-2 is a star dart blaster when it comes to speed. Featuring a quick-draw speed holster and an FPS of up to 120, this blaster keeps the action moving for Pro power and performance. But we know the left-handed community misses out on some of that benefit of the Pro-Series MK-2 holster. For them, the holster clip is just out of reach.

While we couldn’t mass produce a left-handed holster, we have come up with a solution to let everyone in on the fun. 

As a gift to the Dart Zone Pros who keep us at the top of the dart blaster game, we’re offering a free downloadable .STL or .STEP file so you can 3-D print your own left-handed holster that perfectly fits the Pro-Series MK-2! The file allows users to print a left-handed holster in either an SLA or FDM 3-D printer. 

With the 3-D printed holster, the southpaws in the Dart Zone fan base can enjoy the full advantages of the speed holster on the battlefield!  

If you haven’t already, pick up your Dart Zone Pro Series MK-2 at Target. Or, if you really want to stand out, snag the Limited Edition Pro-Series MK-2 Orange at Walmart. Then, download the 3-D print file on our site to create a holster that fits your left-handed needs. 

At Dart Zone, no one gets left out of the action. 😉

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