Dart Zone Diamond Dart

May 21, 2021


Across the dart blaster universe, Dart Zone has established one indisputable fact: we are the top name in high-quality, pro-level dart production. From the backyard to the field, our darts out-perform the competition, and we plan to keep it that way. We have a new slate of darts to release alongside our 2021 dart blasters, starting with the timeless style of our brand new Diamond Dart. 

Because just like Dart Zone’s lead in the dart business, diamonds are forever.   

Think of the Diamond Dart as an elegant counterpart to the Waffle Tip Dart you know and love. A new spin on an old classic, this dart features a bright red design – a welcome addition to the standard green and blue you’ve seen before. It also boasts an FPS of up to 100. Keep a stock of each in your cache to complete the collection. 

This dart will function as a counterpart to new blasters on the way from Dart Zone. It will maximize their performance for ultimate gameplay. 

The Diamond Dart – a new generation of dart for a new generation of Dart Zone. 

The Diamond Dart will be available as a 200 pack for $12.99, first at Target and then in our Dart Zone Blasters lineup beginning in August. Look forward to seeing it included in our Magnum X2 and Blitzfire X2, also available at Target!

It will be available everywhere Dart Zone is sold in the Fall.

Dart Zone Diamond Dart