Limited Edition Nexus Pros Enter Canada

October 7, 2021



If there’s one thing we know about our fans at Dart Zone, it’s this: they’ve got style. That’s why we knew they’d appreciate the hot new skins we used to dress our Limited Edition Nexus Pros

This Summer, we released two special editions of our Nexus Pro in the United States. The Nexus Pro Midas Touch Edition featured a glimmering gold look, while the Urban Camo Edition sported a flashy purple and blue camo pattern. Accordingly, our incredible Dart Zone community responded with resounding support! 

Now, we’re extending the same exclusive editions north into Canada! We can’t wait to help our Canadian fans stand out on the field with the one-of-a-kind flair only Dart Zone can offer. 

Pick up the Nexus Pro Midas Touch Edition and Nexus Pro Urban Camo Edition exclusively online at Walmart Canada.