Dart Zone Adds to Canadian Blaster Lines

August 23, 2021


Dart Zone is excited to announce the release of two dart blasters in the Canadian dart blaster market! This year, we’re offering a classic as well as a brand new product to our Canadian fans. Now available in stores and coming soon online! 

Allow us to reacquaint you with the Adventure Force Cornerfire Motorized Dart Blaster and introduce the Adventure Force Dinoblitz Auto-Advance Quickshot Blaster


When the blaster community proposes a great idea for a blaster innovation, the Dart Zone team always has the same response. 

We can do that. 

That’s why in Fall 2020, Dart Zone released the Cornerfire Motorized Dart Blaster, an early addition to the next generation of dart blasters. This blaster answered a question blaster fans had posed time and again: Can you get accurate, powerful dart shooting with the cover of a corner?

Turns out, you definitely can. 

With the Cornerfire, Dart Zone kept with longstanding tradition and dominated a feature that other blaster makers had only attempted. This semi-automatic motorized blaster is able to shoot darts around corners with precision and – (as always with Dart Zone) – style. With battery-powered performance, the Cornerfire features a mirrored scope and a rotating tactical grip handle. 

But the Cornerfire did have one shortcoming; it was only available in the American dart blaster market. 

Until now. 


This Summer, Canadian fans can find the Cornerfire Motorized Dart Blaster exclusively at Walmart Canada

And what’s better – this Cornerfire will feature an additional upgrade. While the blaster released last Fall came with one 10-round cylinder, the Canadian release will include two 10-round detachable cylinders, doubling your high-performance Waffle Tip Dart capacity!

Likewise, American fans need not worry. The Adventure Force Cornerfire will be available at Walmart.com again this year as we draw closer to the holidays. 


Never ones to quit while we’re ahead, Dart Zone is pairing the Canadian release of the Cornerfire with a brand new blaster — the Adventure Force Dinoblitz Auto-Advance Quickshot Blaster.

While similar to our other foam dart revolvers, this 6-shot auto-advance revolver stands out with a tactical scope. The Dinoblitz features the same rapid-fire blasting and high-performance as our Dart Zone Storm Squad Quickshot Blaster and Rapid-8 Quickshot Dart Blaster, but with the added flare of our signature crimson red donning the top in the form of the Dart Zone Dino Tactical Scope for added precision. 

The 14 piece set — available in a stores now and soon at Walmart.ca — includes 12 Dino Darts and is capable of shooting up to 80 FPS. 


At Dart Zone, we know dart blasters, and we’re the best there is in blaster darts. We can’t wait to introduce more fans to the Dart Zone name, from the United States to Canada and far beyond. 

Dart Zone: #1 Darts. Period.