Blaster Review: The Adventure Force Tactical Strike Liberator

December 29, 2022


At Adventure Force, we don’t just bring the most ultra-precise, high-powered dart blasters — we’ve also got Tactical Strike ball blasters built to rule the competition. We’re putting a spotlight on a foam ball blaster with power, speed, and a lightweight, field-friendly build. The Adventure Force Liberator Tactical Strike Ball Blaster is a ball-blasting powerhouse, available exclusively at Walmart.


The Adventure Force Liberator is a spring-powered, pump-action blaster for players ages 14 and up. Coming in at 20.5 inches long, the Liberator blasts Tactical Strike rounds at a speed of up to 100 feet per second. The pump-action mechanism is easy to handle, requiring low force to prime and allowing players to release the 10 included rounds with speed and accuracy.


Perhaps the most shining quality of the Adventure Force Liberator is its bottom-loading feature. Rather than a foam ball hopper, the Liberator has an internal 10-ball cartridge. Pull back the priming handle, slide open the cartridge, and insert your rounds. This allows for simple and fumble-free re-loading on the fly.


The Liberator also features an exceptional safety mechanism. While most foam ball blasters are equipped with a safety toggle switch, the Liberator requires players to depress a secondary trigger while blasting. This prevents players from releasing unintentionally, saving balls for the heat of the battle.


With 3 interchangeable color markers, players can wear their team pride directly on their blaster. Choose red, blue, or green and hit the field, then switch it out later for a team change-up. This feature allows players to identify teammates and competitors easily and quickly, making versatile gameplay a cinch.


The included Tactical Strike rounds are compatible with all Tactical Strike ball blasters as well as most Nerf Rival blasters, so players are free to use the rounds interchangeably with the other ball blasters on their shelves.

Enter your next foam ball blaster battle with a lightweight companion builts for quick-moving, versatile gameplay. The Adventure Force Liberator is the #1 choice for team competition, from the #1 name in blasters.