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Adventure Force Aeon Pro

Ultimate Dart Blaster

(6 customer reviews)

  • 1 Aeon Pro™ Ultimate Dart Blaster
  • 1 12-Round Half-Length Pro Dart Ammo Clip
  • 1 Half-Length Dart Ammo Clip Adaptor
  • 12 Half-Length Adventure Force Pro Darts
  • 1 Nozzle Extension
  • Tactical Slide
  • Trigger Safety Lock
  • 2 replacement O-Rings (store for future use)
  • Blaster is compatible with most Adventure Force Darts and most standard NERF® Elite Darts
  • Recommended for ages 14+



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The brand-new Adventure Force™ Tactical Strike® Aeon Pro™ Ultimate Dart Blaster delivers Pro Power and Pro Performance right out of the box. This high-performance blaster is designed for advanced dart battles with the ultimate speed, distance and accuracy. Aeon Pro is the second Adventure Force Pro Blaster launch, following the Nexus Pro Ultimate Dart Blaster. The Aeon Pro™ shoots over 125 Feet and includes 12 Half-Length Adventure Force™ Pro Darts and a Half-Length Pro Dart™ Ammo Clip and Adaptor. The Aeon Pro is also compatible with most standard length darts, ammo clips and magazines.  Pro series Standard Length Ammo Clips/Magazines sold separately.  This blaster is compatible with most Adventure Force™ Darts and most standard NERF® Elite Darts. Use Pro Darts for maximum distance and highest accuracy. The Adventure Force™ Tactical Strike® Aeon Pro™ is available only at Wal-Mart and Recommended for ages 14+.

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Adventure Force Tactical Strike


Walmart, Walmart Canada

6 reviews for Adventure Force Aeon Pro

  1. BL

    This has set a new bar in the market! Build quality is fantastic, performance is exceptional and compatibility has been seamless. The incredible price point makes this an incomparable value for a pro series. A must for participants in the sport, fans, collectors, modders or hobbyists. Do not sleep on this unit!

  2. Will

    If I could rate this thing any higher, I would.
    As someone who played with dart blasters as a kid and heard nothing but praise for the Aeon and Nexus Pro, I assumed they’d be pretty good.
    I can say with all honesty that the first time I fired this blaster, I felt like the man who had discovered fire.
    I have fired this blaster across half an acre of land
    I have literally no idea how Dart Zone could charge this low a price for something with this much utility, let alone power.
    I fired darts across a hundred foot range in an attempt to measure how far this blaster can reach, and I still haven’t found some of the darts because they flew past the range and into the swamp, never to be seen again. Unlike my darts, however, this blaster is ridiculously durable.
    The Aeon Pro is such a versatile and powerful foam blaster that I’m surprised it hasn’t filed my taxes and cleaned my house.
    1,011/10, blaster of the year, my taxes haven’t been the same since.

  3. Drac

    This is lord draconigal you being dart zone probably know who I am, I enjoyed this product very much

  4. Jake Oneall

    I absolutely loved the Aeon Pro in my testing and enough so to get more than one! I did a full video review on my channel here: where I gave it a full endorsement!

  5. DarthVader

    After purchasing the MK 1.1 and the MK 2 I was curious to see what The quality and performance was like of some of your cheaper blasters. So after The addition of the Nexus to my collection This one was next in line and I have to say I am definitely not disappointed with my purchase of the Aeon pro. Good build, good price, good performance. After purchasing the Aeon pro I went on to purchase the Max Stryker But that is a tale for another time. Thanks again Dart Zone and keep up the good work. I await the release of the MK 3 with much anticipation.

  6. Alan hawkins

    accurate, hard hitting, relatively cheap.

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