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Sportsman Dart Hopper Tactical Blaster

(2 customer reviews)

  • 1 Adventure Force Sportsman Dart Hopper Tactical Blaster
  • High-tech dart hopper loading system
  • 20 Round Dart Hopper Capacity
  • Power Pump Action Blasting
  • Loads 20 darts in seconds
  • Side door to top up hopper
  • 20 Adventure Force Waffle Tip Universal Darts – Darts Fly up to 80 Feet
  • Darts compatible with All Adventure Force blasters and most standard blasters from leading brands
  • Ages 8+

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Introducing the NEW Adventure Force Sportsman Dart Hopper Tactical Blaster brings  you the second of its revolutionary quick-load dart hopper design that allows you to load 20 darts in seconds leaving your competition in the dust! This blaster features a side door to quick load and top off blaster during the heat of battle. This pump-action Sportsman Dart Hopper Tactical Dart Blaster Toy Gun is packed out with 20 high-performance waffle tip darts that fly up to 80 feet. Adventure Force Waffle Tip Darts are designed for increased accuracy and compatible with all Adventure Force Blasters and most standard blasters from leading brands. Available Exclusively at Recommend for ages 8 and up.

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2 reviews for Sportsman Dart Hopper Tactical Blaster

  1. Will

    The AF Sportsman is a cool looking, fun for all ages kind of blaster. It’s extremely comfortable, extremely durable, and its hopper system makes it so you don’t even need to buy extra magazines. I’m amazed it only costs $20, both due to its quality and capacity. I’d advise being careful with it around really young blaster-wielders due to it hitting slightly higher, but other than that, one cannot go wrong with buying the Sportsman

  2. Zakari Joy

    I love the sportsman at a cheap price but it just jams way too much but keep it up dartzone!

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