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Powerbolt X Pump-Action Belt Blaster

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  • The Powerbolt X Belt Blaster fires 18 foam darts up to 80 feet!
  • This rapid-fire blaster uses handle pump-action to blast Super darts fast and far.
  • The Powerbolt X comes with 1 ammo belt and 18 sureshot darts
  • Pump-action slam-fire action!
  • Darts fly up to 80 feet!
  • Sureshot waffle tip darts work with all Dart Zone blasters and most standard blasters from leading brand
  • Ages 8+


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Dominate the backyard battlefield with the Powerbolt X Pump-Action Belt Blaster. This rapid-fire, pump-powered blaster shoots 18 Super darts in under 18 seconds! Each precision Super dart flies up to 80-feet, giving your game unparalleled reach. The power bolt pump-action belt blaster set comes with one blaster, 1 18-round ammo belt, and 18 Super darts. Universal Super darts are compatible with Dart Zone blasters and most other major brands’ Blaster toys.

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1 review for Powerbolt X Pump-Action Belt Blaster

  1. Leo Zhong

    I really like it this gun. it does not need batteries and you can really do damage to people, “ouch dad that hurts”.

    P.S my dad bought it

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