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Adventure Force Matrixfire Motorized Foam Dart Hopper Blaster

  • Includes 30 waffle tip foam darts
  • Detachable 30-round ammo box
  • Darts compatible with all Adventure Force blasters and most standard blasters from leading brands
  • Load darts into 30-round ammo box
  • Super-fast speed loading
  • Shoots up to 80 feet
  • Recommended for kids 8+
  • Requires 6AA batteries (not included)
  • Matrixfire blaster size: 8.25″ x 23.5″ x 7.375″


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Adventure Force Matrixfire Blaster With Motorized Hopper

Get the Matrixfire Automatic Dart Blaster for a foam dart diehard who’s ready to take their best shot on the battlefield. Whether they win or lose, they’ll have a blast, but with this motorized dart blaster, the chances of victory instantly go up. Dart Zone has designed the Matrixfire Motorized Dart Blaster to rapidly shoot darts using a fully automatic mechanism. The Matrixfire Blaster fires more than three darts per second with accuracy up to 80 feet, so you’ll hit your target every time.

Our 32-piece, high-power dart blaster is a great way to make summer days a blast without spending a fortune. The Matrixfire foam dart blaster comes with 30 green waffle tip foam darts, which work with all Adventure Force blasters, as well as many other brands. In this set, you’ll also receive a Dart Hopper, a detachable ammunition box that allows for a speedy reloading of all 30 dart rounds in just a few seconds. With the Dart Hopper, you no longer need to individually load each dart into separate slots. The motorized automatic blast mechanism runs on six AA batteries (not included).

Spend less time preparing for dart battle and more time landing a strike with the Adventure Force Matrixfire. Dart enthusiasts will be able to load, fire and hit their target at unparalleled speeds. This motorized dart blaster is available exclusively at Walmart. Since 1990, Dart Zone has been #1 in darts, so you can trust us to provide you with the right gear for fun and safe outdoor action.

Learn more about the Matrixfire here!

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