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Dart Zone MK 1.1

Pro Series Blaster

(5 customer reviews)

  • Upper Receiver/ Front Blaster Body with Pre-Installed Metal Barrel
  • Lower Receiver/ Rear Blaster Body
  • Optional Plastic Barrel Included
  • Adjustable Shoulder Stock
  • Front Handle
  • Rear and Front Sight for Tactical Picatinny Rail
  • Thumb Screws (x2)
  • O-Rings Connector Pins (x2)
  • 15-Standard Dart Magazine (x1)
  • 15-Half-Length Dart Magazine (x1)
  • Half-Length Magazine Clip Adaptor (x1)
  • 15 Dart Zone® Pro Standard Darts
  • 15 Dart Zone® Pro Half-Length Darts
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The Dart Zone Pro Series MK-1.1 Special Edition dart blaster delivers Pro Power and Pro Performance right out of the box. The Dart Zone MK-1.1 was designed and produced to meet elite players’ expectations. This high performance blaster is easy to assemble and includes everything you need to get the most out of your game. The Dart Zone Pro Series MK 1.1 Special Edition is only available on Recommended for ages 14+.


MK 1.1 Instruction Sheet

MK 1.1 Instruction Sheet

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5 reviews for Dart Zone MK 1.1

  1. Matthew

    Totally worth the price. I love this thing it feels great to use and it can be taken down to carry in something like a small backpack. The power is unbelievable and it’s perfect for super stock wars and beyond.

  2. themisfits4ever138

    Well worth the price, very sturdy construction and shoots higher than 150fps. Best retail blaster you can get out of the box.

  3. Chase

    I love the Dzp MK 1.1 it is a Fantastic blaster stock !

  4. duaneacarterii

    I love love this blaster. It’s smooth and very accurate. I just used it in a nerf battle here in Virginia Beach. My wife now wants one. All I need now is a sight.

  5. Darth Vader

    I purchased the DZP MK 1.1 and the DZP MK2 together shooting either of them just makes you smile they’re amazing blasters right out of the box super accurate. Now I know why Drac starts laughing every time he shoots one of your blasters during his YouTube reviews. So thank you guys these things are awesome. I’m glad I made the purchase I’m happy I got them and I don’t have a single ounce of buyers remorse These bastards are worth every penny. I started collecting blasters about a year ago maybe, I was trying to find things that my son and I could do together. So in around a year I’ve acquired A pretty respectable collection of dart blasters. I have easily spent close to a $1,000 or more On blasters from local stores, online shopping and a Trip to the local Goodwill once or twice a week lol I live in a small town and honestly the couple local stores that carry dart blasters i’m having a hard time keeping up. Now these blasters are totally for me and though I can’t have a shoot out with my six-year-old son They make all kinds of targets, I set the rival Jupiter target that dings across the house and nail it pretty much every time. The rival Jupiter and the Hera are the last couple blasters I ordered before ordering the DZP MK 1.1 along with the DZP MK 2 I did pick up a 100 pack of your guys short darts at my local Walmart For a very reasonable price as well And if I’m being honest ok yeah I grabbed the Nexus Pro too. In the short time that I’ve been building up my arsenal of dart blasters I I am definitely The most pleased and happiest with my last three purchases of your dart blasters. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
    I do have a question about them DZP MK 1.1. So the action after it’s cocked is really loose and will fall up or down or slide back and forth pretty easily if I’m not holding onto the front grip as to where the nexus Pro locks into place after it’s cocked. Is that normal or how the action is supposed to be on the DZP MK 1.1?

    • Martin

      Thanks for your support & question. This is not a design flaw. This particular action is common to most spring loaded blasters that are similar to the MK1 and MK1.1 in the higher-powered category. We’ve found that the best solution is to wait to prime until you are ready to fire, and to keep a hand on the front handle (to hold it forward) through the prime-fire action.

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