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Dart Zone MK-2

Orange - Limited Edition Pro Series Blaster

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  • Experience high-powered foam dart performance with a compact blaster that won’t slow you down on the field.
  • Quickly reload in the midst of battle with 2 six-dart speed loaders and attachable half-length magazine holsters.
  • Always be fire-ready with the quick-release tactical blaster holster.
  • Show off your Pro skills with the NEW Dart Zone Pro 2.0 Half-Length Foam Darts that fly up to 120ft!

Available exclusively at Walmart.


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Dart Zone® continues to change the game for Pro dart blasters. The NEW Limited Edition Orange MK-2 foam dart blaster delivers the same trusted Dart Zone® power and performance as the original red MK-2, with an all-new look to show off on the field! The MK-2 Orange is strategically designed with an internal 6-round Half-Length Dart Ammo Clip and includes (2) 6-dart speed loaders with an attachable holster to re-load on the fly. It also comes with a tactical blaster holster for quick-draw action and is packed out with 18 NEW Dart Zone Pro® 2.0 Half-Length Pro Darts that shoot up to 120 feet. Take home the Dart Zone® Pro MK-2 Orange Dart Blaster and prepare to dominate the competition. This Limited Edition design is a Walmart online-only exclusive. Recommended for ages 14+.
Complete set includes:
  • Dart ZonePro® MK-2 Dart Blaster
  • (18) Half-Length Dart ZonePro® 2.0 Darts that shoot up to 120 feet
  • (2) 6-Dart Speed Loaders
  • (1) Speed Loader Holster (holds 2-speed loaders)
  • (1) Blaster Belt Holster
  • (1) Muzzle Brake
  • Recommended for ages 14+

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1 review for Dart Zone MK-2

  1. AL77

    Im waiting to save 85 bucks. I cant wait to buy this gun!(plz sub to my channel)(Name)

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