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Dart Zone Max Stryker™ Ultimate Dart Blaster

(6 customer reviews)

  • Stryker Ultimate Dart Blaster 33-Piece Blaster Set
  • 1 12-round standard-length ammo clip
  • 1 12-round half-length ammo clip
  • 12 Max Accurate standard-length darts
  • 12 Max Accurate half-length darts
  • 1 half-length ammo clip adaptor
  • 2 tactical sights
  • 1 detachable tactical scope
  • 1 detachable elongated muzzle brake
  • 1 adjustable tactical stock
  • Learn more about the NEW Max Stryker


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Max Stryker Ultimate Dart Blaster

You’ll have maximum power and accuracy with your dart blaster when you’re armed with the customizable, high-performance Max Stryker from Dart Zone. This tactical blaster from our Ultimate Dart Blaster Series is a favorite among teen and adult competitors who want the best tool for their next battle. Each 33-piece set fully prepares you or your teen ready for action.

Use the clip-fed Max Stryker Dart Blaster for unbeatable speed and accuracy. It comes with two 12-round ammo clips, one for standard-length darts and one for half-length darts. You’ll also receive Max Accurate foam darts that can sail over 125 feet, but you can use any Dart Zone foam darts with this blaster. As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also get two tactical sights, a detachable tactical scope, a removable extended muzzle brake, an adjustable tactical stock and an adapter for the half-length ammo clip.

For anyone ages 14 and up, a Dart Zone Max Stryker is the ultimate way to emerge victorious. The bright red body and orange hardware help you stand out as you land each strike. If you want to know more about this original dart blaster, check out our complete guide to the custom design. It’s sold exclusively at Target for those who want extreme and extremely safe fun. Order yours today and discover why Dart Zone has been #1 in darts since 1990.

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6 reviews for Dart Zone Max Stryker™ Ultimate Dart Blaster

  1. Andrew Davidson

    Have only had it for a day and so far I’m super impressed with this blaster. It feels super comfortable in my hands, and is overall really fun to play with. 10 out of 10

  2. DarthVader

    The striker is my latest blaster from Dart zone, if you’re on the fence about purchasing any of the adventure force line or dart zone Pro line let me assure you It will be money well spent and you will definitely not regret this purchase. These blasters are very reasonably priced as well as what you get that’s included with the blaster when you purchase it. It’s totally a no brainer, if you’re tired of lobbing darts then get off the fence, pull the trigger, make the purchase. I have every confidence in my recommendation Considering the last five blasters I’ve purchased myself the MK 1.1, MK 2, the Nexus and the Aeon pro and now the max Stryker. I’ve totally been eyeballing the Conquest pro also, and can’t wait till I can get my hands on the MK3. thank you Dart zone for providing Quality built blasters at a Affordable price that come with everything you need to use it.

  3. Bruse

    In a blaster war, this pro blaster is borderline cheating. When the darts fly past you can hear the windbreak. By the time you are in “standard” nerf gun range, the short darts are pinpoint accurate and almost undodgeable. One thing I wish there was a tactical strike kit but with max stryker magazines and darts.

  4. niallsjlarkin

    i love this dart zone blaster and it is my 1st blaster and i’m in love with this thing and now i’m just waiting for the zombie Apocalypse to happen, it will be a great defense.

  5. Hi

    Very good blaster. The one thing that I have to say is that they do not sell separate magazines that match with the one that comes with it, or so I think.

  6. name

    great blaster juat a small jamming door, but no jams

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