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BallistixOps Mega Force

Powerball Blaster Pack

  • (1) BallistixOps Powerball Ball Blaster
  • (1) Quick-Load Detachable Hopper
  • (25) Power Strike Foam Ball Rounds that launch up to 100 FPS
  • (1) BallistixOps Team Competition Safety Mask with 3 interchangeable team color markers
  • Ballistix Match Design: Power Strike Rounds and Mega Force Blaster work with high-impact foam rounds and ammo magazines from the leading brand
  • Ages 14+


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Gear up and head to the battlefield with the Dart Zone BallistixOps Mega Force Battle Pack. This Team Competition Series includes a BallistixOps Powerball Ball Blaster, Power Strike Foam Ball Rounds and a customizable team competition safety mask to help identify your opponents. The Powerball’s Quick-Load Hopper holds eight foam ball rounds and auto-feeds them into the blaster. The pump-action blaster cycles through rounds as quickly as you can pull back the tactical grip slide and release the trigger. The Powerball blaster launches Power Strike foam ball rounds up to 100 FPS (feet per second). Also features a built-in trigger lock for safety. Just like Dart Zone Super Darts and Dart Zone Blasters, BallistixOps Blasters are fully compatible with the leading brand’s rounds and magazines.

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