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Dart Zone BallistixOps Apex 2-Pack

Slide-Action Ball Blasters

  • The complete set comes with 2 Apex blasters, 10 Power Strike foam balls (so you can fire with speed and accuracy on and off the field) and 2 green color markers.
  • Quickly fire multiple darts in a row with the slide-action pump and 5-round rotating cylinder.
  • Reach speeds up to 100 FPS!
  • Recommended for ages 14+



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BallistixOps Apex Slide-Action Blasters

When you and your friends are looking for some active fun, the BallistixOps Apex Two-Pack by Dart Zone Blasters will provide the blast you’re looking for. These slide-action blasters can fling the included Power Strike foam balls at speeds up to 100 feet per second, letting you organize games that stretch across a beach or campground. Rated for ages 14 and up, both teenagers and adults will love this take on backyard dart battles. With great distance, speed and accuracy, you’ll be ready to strike with the #1 dart blaster in the game.

A complete BallistixOps Apex Ball Blaster Kit is great for one-on-one games or to go double-barrel in a team competition. This set includes a pair of slide-action blasters, 10 yellow Power Strike balls and a pair of green team markers to distinguish friend from foe. Each blaster has a five-round rotating cylinder and slide-action pump to quickly fire. You can fully load both blasters with rounds that are the same size as those used in competitive dart games, but with a unique pattern and improved accuracy.

Whether you’re squaring off with a friend, entering a tournament or working on your aim in the backyard, a BallistixOps Ball Blaster Two-Pack will get you ready for action. Order yours today to see why our safe and fun blasters have led the charge among outdoor action toys since 1990.

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