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Adventure Force Spectrum Motorized Clip-fed Blaster (Red)

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  • 1 Adventure Force Spectrum Motorized Clip-Fed Dart Blaster
  • Semi-automatic rapid fire
  • Adjustable stock and tactical grip
  • Removable scope
  • (1) 10-round ammo clip
  • 10 Adventure Force Waffle Tip Universal Foam Darts
  • Darts fly up to 80 feet
  • Darts compatible with all Adventure Force blasters and most standard dart blasters from leading brands
  • Requires 6AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Available exclusively at
  • Ages 8+


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Spectrum Motorized Dart Blaster

Your kids will have some extra power on their side during friendly games and serious competitions when they’re armed with the Adventure Force Spectrum. This motorized, clip-fed foam dart blaster can be customized to deliver great results. When you add six AA batteries (not included), our tactical dart blaster becomes a powerful tool, able to nail opponents with the included waffle tip darts. Once you power up the flywheels, just pull the primary trigger to accurately shoot darts up to 80 feet for any game anywhere.

This motorized rapid-fire dart blaster is sure to become a new favorite. Fill the 10-round ammo clip with a set of Adventure Force Waffle Tip Darts designed to hit their mark. Since these darts are compatible with all Adventure Force dart blasters and most standard blasters from other brands, you can use this ammo interchangeably, making it easier to prepare for games. The semi-automatic Spectrum Dart Blaster also has a removable sight, an adjustable stock and an adjustable tactical grip, so it has the perfect feel every time. A red body with orange and black hardware make the blaster look as good as it fires.

Order the Spectrum blaster for kids ages 8 and up, available only at Walmart. Make backyard play fun and safe with these incredibly affordable dart blasters, which make an excellent gift for birthdays, end-of-school celebrations and other special occasions. Dart Zone has been #1 in darts since 1990 and is constantly developing innovative toys to serve the world’s need for fun.

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2 reviews for Adventure Force Spectrum Motorized Clip-fed Blaster (Red)

  1. Joshua Dallal.

    I Love it. I bought 3 for myself. This thing is accurate, reactive, and delivers the hits at stock. It is a stryfe killer

  2. Luke Bird

    One of the best blasters ever to be offered by Dart Zone!

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