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Adventure Force 150 Rounds

Refill Ammo Pack

  • 150 Tactical Strike Round Refill Pack
  • Power up with high-performance round refills.
  • Tactical Strike rounds are compatible with all Tactical Strike ball blasters and most standard Nerf Rival blasters.
  • Ages 14+


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Tactical Strike Ammo Refill Pack

Teens and adults will have a ball with our Adventure Force Tactical Strike refill pack. These rounds can be loaded into any Tactical Strike ball blaster and they also work with most standard ball blasters from other brands. A pack of 150 Tactical Strike Rounds provides enough foam blaster balls for your kid and their teammates. Pour them into the hopper or pop each round into the integrated magazine for hours of safe outdoor fun.

Adventure Force blaster ball ammo packs are about more than just stocking up. They’re designed for distance and accuracy, allowing teens to hit their mark from across the field. Each ball has a 1-inch diameter and is grooved with triangles to help the Tactical Strike round fly effortlessly through the air. With the right ball blaster, these foam rounds can travel up to 100 feet per second. The bright orange color improves visibility so you can retrieve them easily after a match. They’ll fly so fast that opponents can’t dodge them, despite their vibrant color.

Get an Adventure Force Tactical Strike Blaster Ammo Pack only at Walmart. Youngsters will have plenty of foam blaster balls for official competition, casual games or basement target practice. At Dart Zone, you’ll find #1 Darts. Period. Order today to discover why we have been the leader in safe, fun outdoor action for more than 30 years.

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Adventure Force Tactical Strike




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