Dartstorm ™ Belt Blaster

Dartstorm ™ Belt Blaster



Grab the upper hand in the heat of the battle with the Dart Zone Dartstorm® Motorized Belt Blaster. This fully automatic blaster comes with a 40-round belt that projects darts now up to 90 feet! The Quick-Feed Ammo Boxes mount to the side of the Dartstorm® turning the item into a mega-size blaster with the ability to reload faster than before. Deliver more speed and more power with the Dartstorm® Belt Blaster.  Requires 6AA Batteries (Batteries not included).

• 1 Dartstorm® Motorized Full-Auto Belt Blaster
• 40-Round Ammo Belt
• Quick-feed Ammo Boxes
• 40 Super Darts
• Darts Fly up to 90 Feet!
• Universal Darts work with Dart Zone® blasters and most blasters from major brands
• Ages 8+

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Need More Darts, Clips, or Extra Ammo Belts?


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